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Veturitallien sisäänkäynti ulkopuolelta kuvattuna. Image Isabella Saartoala

Veturitallit in English

Veturitallit Jyväskylä in English

Here at Veturitallit we offer a wide range of activities for young people to get involved in and is especially known for its focus on youth culture. The building was first built in 1896 and was used as a locomotive repair station. It has been refurbished to meet the needs of today’s culture and we want to add to its long history.

Our youth work professionals organize different workshops for young people such as movie making, acting, dancing, online magazine writing, circus activities and Jyväskylä rock academy. We are adding more and more depending on the needs and wants of our youth.

In Veturitallit we have 2 band rehearsal rooms which are fully equipped for all the needs of our young rock musicians and those who want to create electronic and rap music. For the musicians and other acts who want to perform in front of a live audience, we have a club space with the capacity of almost 300 complete with lighting and sound systems. Along with our local musicians, you can see youth theatre groups perform every spring and autumn.

Our studio Kattila contains state of the art equipment for recording and mixing, and also photo and video editing which includes a green screen for those special effects.

Siperia is our dance and performance centre. Here you can learn old and new dance styles from the waltz to break dancing. Also we hold a circus performance work shop where you can learn how to perform under the big top.

If you want to just come and hangout in our safe and welcoming environment, meet new friends, play the latest games on gaming consoles, then come on down.

Veturitallit’s age range is from 13-29 years.